Project 1v1

Project 1v1  


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Umjesto da pokaže Borderlands 3, Gearbox opet ima druge ideje:

Instead, Gearbox is showing it’s 1v1 multiplayer shooter and card hybrid.

It’s a relatively secretive project, having been in a closed technical test last August.

No footage of Project 1v1 will be shown outside of the closed doors presentation at E3, although you can expect some hands-on written impressions. Presumably we’ll also learn it’s proper name.

“Project 1v1 is the code name for Gearbox’s top-secret, in-development, competitive first-person shooter that combines the action of fast-paced 1v1 first-person combat with the metagame strategy of a collectible card game,” says Gearbox of its mysterious PC project.

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Ooookej? Na prvu djeluje zanimljivo...valjda.