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Dev: Insomniac Games
Plaforme: PC? Eksluzivno za Oculus Rift
Izlazi: 2019.

Nova Insomniacova igra, ovoga puta ekskluzivna za Oculus Rift!

Insomniac Games has a substantial history in virtual reality development these days, having launched Feral Rights, Edge of Nowhere and The Unspoken for the Oculus Rift. The studio’s next game, Stormland, is an open-world game that focuses on exploration, whether you’re playing by yourself or with other players online.

You play as an android gardener who has the job of taking care of an alien world. That’s before the bad guys show up and wreck both your body and the environment you care so much about. Now you have to repair your body, and then upgrade your body, in order to fight back and save both the world and your friends in it.

“The big idea is that we’re presenting a world that changes over time and reveals a playground of movement and combat and loot — and then we turn you loose to explore this world freely with a set of android movement abilities,” Insomniac’s Chad Dezern told Polygon. “You can fly above the slipstream, you can use a laser to make a ramp and then launch yourself off of that. You can vault yourself up cliffs, and then push off and glide back down, all the while controlling your descent with your outstretched hands.”

“This is taking components from the open world structure and the game play systems we’ve made for games like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive, and it’s marrying them to an evolved form of the VR mechanics that we’ve developed in Edge of Nowhere, Feral Rights and The Unspoken,” Dezern said.

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kakav feelsbadman pogledam ovaj video i naježim se i onda skužim da je to VR igra. Ja i VR nismo dobri frendovi 🙁